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Product Type: 3 (Medium Risk) suitable for experienced investors with risk type 3 to 5.

Structured deposit is not equivalent to the general bank deposits and involves investment risks.

Please make yourself fully aware of the investment risks and make your investment decision carefully.

Product Features

Offer you a structured deposit -embedding a currency option into time deposit, and let you enjoy investment returns when the exchange rate fluctuation is low.

Customize your own conditions to realize your expected return.

Provide you wide choice of currency accounts, including HKD, USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, CHF and NZD, that gives you extra flexibility in currency combinations (USD against HKD not available).

Give you flexibility in choosing investment period such as one week, two weeks, one month, two month and three months.

Risk Factors

Structured Deposit:“MaxiInterest” Structured Deposit (“Structured Deposit”) is different from usual time deposit and thus should not be treated as a normal time deposit or a substitute. Earnings on this Structured Deposit are limited to the nominal interests accrued on the Structured Deposit and the Option Premium. However, as the Investment Amount and the earnings thereon will be paid to the Customer in the Deposit Currency or the Linked Currency, whichever has depreciated against the other, upon the maturity, the Customer will have to bear the losses due to depreciation which may be substantial and possibly set-off the earnings of the Structured Deposit, or even lead to significant losses in the principal.

No Early Redemption: You are not allowed to redeem all or part of MaxiInterest Structured Deposit prior to maturity (inclusive). Please ensure you have made adequate liquidity reserve for emergency cash needs.

Foreign Exchange Risks:If the Deposit Currency used for investment is not the currency customarily used by Customers and thus currency conversion is required, Customers should note that they may suffer a loss due to exchange rate fluctuations. For example, in respect of any investment product denominated in other currency not customarily used by the Customers, which means the investment amount and any returns of the product will be made in such non-customarily used currency, if the Customers choose to convert its commonly used currency into such other currency or agree to the bank to do so on its behalf, upon maturity the Customers have to convert the Maturity Amount denominated and calculated in other currency again back into its customarily used currency or agree to the bank to make such conversion, causing this investment product exposed to foreign exchange risks and the Customers’ investment amount and returns (if any) may suffer a loss due to the exchange rate fluctuations.

For details of risks, please refer to 《MaxiInterest Structured Deposit application form》

Historical MaxiInterest Structured Deposit code inquiry (Chinese only)

MaxiInterest Structured Deposit Application Form

Please call our branches/sub-branches for more details. Investors should note that all investments including "MaxiInterest Structured Deposit" involve investment risk. Please refer to and < MaxiInterest Structured Deposit Terms and Conditions> for more details.


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